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Halloween Yoga For Kids

Halloween Yoga Comes to Mini Miracles Childcare Center: Class started, as it always does, with the ringing of the chime, breath in, breath out. Me: Where does a skeleton live before it is dead and …

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6 days away…

Today was legs and it was Alex, Jon and Donnie banging them out for the last time with me until competition, this coming Friday July 17th. Boy time flies by fast!

As I always say, now is the time to slow it down and “smell the roses”. Win, lose or draw, when you can say you are in the best shape of your life (yet again) then that is a win! Now is the time to start enjoying your victory (minus eating what you want) by kicking back and slowing it down, so that nothing of this experience slips you by.

I am where I need to be, better then ever. I am done and i am ready to compete.

Can I get better… yes I can and that is what brings me back!

I am in vacation mode for the next two weeks. The plans are to pick up rental car, drive out to PA on Wednesday arriving at hotel 10 hours later. Thursday getting weighed in and tanned at the place ill be competing.  Friday morning competing and coming home Saturday with a trophy

I am planing on filming my whole adventure, from the trip down, to every where I go (except on the stage) stay tuned.

Check out today’s legs workout and afterwards we took a selfie DJI Inspire1 (GlaDOS) style!


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Ring Ring Ring

“I got an answering machine that can talk to you” A song title and lyric by De La Soul which happens to be on my ipod and for the last three weeks, at least a half of a dozen times, I would step on the scale weighing 222.22 … of course I have to sing the whole thing in my head …222 2222 and now that songs is in head for the day, as it is now and as it’s the second song in the video, no shit!

4 weeks out from the masters nationals and once again, i’m in the best shape of my life. I made some nice gains in places I needed too. I have a lot more room for improvement, but I’m much better this year then last year and that is all that matters to me.

This weeks video is from Friday’s shoulders and traps with Alex and Jon and Saturdays legs with Jon and Donnie


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6 weeks out from the Masters National

I am feeling pretty good at this point. I have been waking up at 222 for the past week and a half and I am getting leaner by the day. I have a few more pounds of fat I need to shred. I changed a lot in the last week. It’s usually how it works for me, after 6 weeks of eating the same thing over and over, my body starts to shred fat at a pretty fast pace. I will start to add a little cardio after my workouts to make sure I get every last bit of fat I can get. Sometimes as your body fat gets below 5%, your body doesn’t want to give up the rest that easily. Cardio will help with that and also allow you to eat a good amount a calories, to train harder and burn fat faster.

Today it was Donnie and I banging out legs. We started with donkey calf raises, then onto standing leg curls (super setting with standing calf raises (because they are right beside each other). Seated leg curls, followed by lying down leg curls and my hams were pretty toasted.

We then hit dead lifts (sorry for the video angle) we worked our way up to 4 plates a side. Next it was the vertical leg press, working our way up the 5 plates a side. then it was the squat press machine and for some reason I only caught the end on the video. We finished off with leg extensions and ass kick backs

Enjoy the video!


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10 weeks out

I decided just to shoot for the masters nationals July 16th in PA. instead of hitting the team universe first, July 3rd. So that puts me out 10 weeks, which give me a little extra time. I think I could use it this year. Age must be catching up with me, the fats not coming off as easy as it has in the past. I might have to cardio, yikes it kills me to even type that… Let’s see what 6 weeks brings before I go there.

Great week as always. It was all three most of the week. Then just me and Alex on Friday and me and Donnie for legs Saturday.

Legs: Starting with seated calf presses, then to hams hitting all 3, standing, seated and lying leg curls. Then it was off to squats, vertical leg press and leg presses. We ending doing stiff legs and leg extensions!

Check out the video, great angles!


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Another week of getting it done

Awesome workouts this week!

As with most of us, chest starts the week, along with biceps. My shoulder has gotten a lot better, no more “hang around” pain at home. I still have some pain when I train, I just have to make some adjustments to my form. The last two weeks I was able to flat bench up to 185. This week I was able to do some close grip benching, with really no pain. That i’m liking!

I’m still waiting to be able to do dips without pain, when that happens, I’m all better!

Wednesday we ripped through back and traps. Friday shoulders and triceps and yesterday (saving the best for last) legs day!

I tell you how much energy I sometimes have in the morning, it surprises me. I’m definitely a morning person.

It was 4 of us, Alex, Jon, Donnie and we started with taking the donkey calf, the lying down leg curl and the seated leg curl machine and going around them 4 times. We increased the weight as we went along, no rest. Hams were on fire after that!

Dead lifts came next and then we took the leg press and the hack squat machine and did the same, went back and forth for 4 sets increasing the weight, no rest! We finished off with extensions.

Legs feel great today!

Check out the video!


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5 Guys with Hatchup

No burgers or fries here, just weights and barbells and a little regurgitation. I won’t mention any names!

Legs today and we had everyone, Alex, Jon, Donnie and Hatcher and it was a pretty awesome workout. I’ve talked about how we make it work with 5 guys in the past, but let me do it again. So we started with hamstrings, because we like destroying them first.

Here is how it works. First off, we don’t want to superset. You want to be rested enough to give it your all each set . We took 3 machines, lying, seated and standing. I started with lying down leg curls, then I went to the seated and waited until Jon and Alex finished doing thier lying down curls, before doing my set of seated curls, giving me at least a minute rest. Doing that creates a domino effect, and everyone now gets that two man rest.

After 4 sets of that, we did the same with Squats, Vertical leg presses and the ” football” squat machine and 4 more sets doing the same with stiff legged dead lifts, leg extensions and donkey calf raises. Big Jon times our workouts and pointed out that was 36 sets in 1-1/2 hours!

That is how you get the job done with 5 guys!

Check out the video!